Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Zoo Shoes

A few members of the Horn are at the Crypt gallery this weekend, showing the world their own personal zoos, obtained by an imaginary £10,000 kitty from the Peckham bosses at Garudio Studiage: http://www.garudiostudiage.com/projects.htm.
Exhibiting will be : Noriko Fujioka, Andy Forshaw, Laura Gill and Danny Sturgess from the Horn, and others include : Chris Ratcliffe (Garudio), Mike Topping, Coralie Bickford-Smith, and many many more, plus a shop-full chock-full of presents for all the family and their extensions: http://www.garudiostudiage.com/christmas/index.html
Come along for Saturday's toast to all the creatures great and small, and to tickle a few of our chins!
From 12pm til 6pm.
For directions follow your nose to here: http://www.cryptgallery.org.uk/find_crypt_gallery.htm

Here's some candids from the opening on Saturday ...

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